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Karen strategized a plan to find meaningful topics and rework certain essays to be efficient. I didn't have SAT coaches or application guidance. I just worked with Karen on essays and it definitely made me a stronger candidate. I'll be attending UPenn.


Burbank, CA

I couldn't believe how quickly she provided valuable feedback to my students from a different time zone.... I know they felt a lot more confident about their chances thanks to Essaymom's advice.

Cassandra Ford

University Counselor

Moshi, Tanzania

My son had a hefty and aggressive college application list-- and a crippling early acceptance timeline. Essaymom helped him organize and prioritize his essays. She worked amazingly well on a teenage procrastination timeline. 


Alexandria, VA

I have an immense appreciation for your constructive advice, especially in structuring my essays to have a better flow. I I have decided to commit to Northwestern (Go 'Cats!). 

Yuk Yi

Moshi, Tanzania

Her advice was always constructive and honest, and she helped with everything from grammar and mechanics to big-picture themes.  With her help I was able to get in ED to my top school, Barnard College.

Cobie Ray,

Alexandria, VA 

My essays were the highlight of my applications.  Thanks to her help I won the TC Williams SFA Scholarship of $24,000 and will be attending Duke in the fall with $59,000 in grants and merit aid.


Alexandria, VA

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